K-netizens call aespa’s Karina a “visual goddess of Gen Z idols” who breaks the beauty standards of SM

aespa Karina’s unique beauty that makes her stand out in both SM and among all Kpop idols is gradually winning the hearts of many Korean netizens. 

On October 5, SM’s “monster rookie” aespa had a groundbreaking comeback with the 1st mini album Savage. The title song has quickly received great responses from the public and achieved a series of remarkable results. Not only being praised for the quality of their music, the gorgeous appearances of aespa members have also gained great attention from netizens, especially the group’s visual member Karina.

aespa’s Savage MV 

Karina is inherently famous for her AI-like “surreal” visuals.  However, when she first debuted, her appearance received many mixed reactions. Many netizens left negative comments on Karina’s look such as “she looks like she comes from a small agency”, “she looks plastic”, “her face is not SM’s level”… When Karina’s pre-debut photos were spread online, some netizens even accused the rookie idol of undergoing plastic surgery to get the current beauty.

aespa karina
Karina sparked controversy over her beauty during her debut days 
aespa karina
Her pre-debut photos were also discovered 
aespa karina
Many netizens claimed that Karina had plastic surgery 

When aespa made a comeback with Next Level, all preconceptions about Karina’s beauty seemed to have turned into compliments. She impressed the public with her outstanding visuals that even surpassed her AI version in the jacket shooting of Next Level. Since then, Karina has constantly trended on Korean online forums.

aespa karina
Karina’s “unreal” beauty in Next Level made Knets change their mind
aespa karina
Karina’s visuals even overwhelm the AI member
aespa karina
Her beauty then became a trending topic all over social media in Korea 

When aespa had a second comeback with Savage, Kpop fans continued to get visual shocks because of Karina. When the teaser images were released one by one, Karina became the center of attention every time.

aespa karina
aespa karina
Karina blew netizens’ mind with her surreal visuals in the teaser images 

When the MV was officially released and aespa had their first stages for Savage, a topic started trending among Korean netizens about how Karina has set a whole new beauty standard for SM.

aespa karina
In return, she gets a lot of screen time in the MV
aespa karina
Close-up of Karina’s beauty that drives people “insane” in Savage 

SM is often called a “flower garden” thanks to owning a series of top famous visuals throughout different generations of the idol industry such as Eugene (S.E.S), Yoona (SNSD), Sulli (f(x)), Irene (Red Velvet). With Karina, many netizens think that her appearance is like a breath of fresh air. The female rookie has a cold, tough aura and “surreal” features – something that SM fans have never seen in the company’s previous iconic visuals.

aespa karina
Karina’s AI-like beauty brings new and exciting feelings
Eugene is SM’s first-generation visual 
Yoona’s sweet and mature visuals 
Sulli’s refreshing visuals 
Irene impresses with her elegant look

Specifically, Knetizens left many comments:

  • Seriously, I’ve never seen a visual like her in SM. She is one of a kind.
  • Karina is a Gen Z goddess.
  • Honestly, at first I was confused because Karina doesn’t look like the usual SM’s visual, but the more I look at her, the more beautiful I find her. Her beauty is not 2D but 3D.
  • It’s the first time I’ve seen a female idol with such a tough aura in SM
  • If Karina isn’t a visual member, who else can be?
  • Karina is about to become a legend. She is a goddess!
  • Karina’s face is pretty, her body is amazing, and her personality is nice too. She is perfect in every way.
  • She’s very pretty and she suits aespa’s futuristic concept well. That’s what makes her much more beautiful.
aespa karina
Karina is called “Gen Z goddess” by Knets 
aespa karina
aespa karina
Karina’s physique is also one of her advantages

Karina is gradually winning the hearts of Kpop fans with her unique and outstanding appearance. Karina’s face gives off exciting new vibes that are not seen in her SM seniors. Many Korean netizens believe that, with her beauty and talent, Karina and aespa will be even more successful in the future.

aespa karina
Karina’s beauty is receiving many positive comments from Knets 
aespa is expected to achieve more success in the future

Source: K14

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