K-netizens are unbearable when bashing Chanyeol for his appearance in his sister’s wedding

The sweet love song that Chanyeol (EXO) sang for his sister Park Yoora on her wedding day has received much negative feedback from netizens.

Park Yoora, the sister of EXO’s Chanyeol, got married to her fellow reporter after a year of dating. EXO members were at the wedding to celebrate with Chanyeol’s family.

As a brother who always loves his sister dearly, Chanyeol devoted his heart to singing a sweet love song for the bride and groom. Park Yoora was very touched by this present. The wedding has gathered a lot of attention from EXO’s fans and Korean media. Shortly after the news of the wedding was posted on many news sites, many negative comments directed at Chanyeol appeared below the articles instead of blessings. Netizens harshly criticize the male idol’s voice:

  • He really sang a congratulation song?
  • His duet with Soyou at the award ceremony gave me goosebumps.
  • If you can’t sing, please ask another member to sing instead.
  • Is he really her brother? The wedding will be ruined …
  • He should have just asked someone else to sing instead? What bother trying when you can’t sing?
  • Just turn on MR and AR and things will be fine.
  • His singing is not good, his rap is also terrible, what are you going to sing?

EXO’s fans are very upset by the criticism towards the idol. Especially on a happy day like his sister’s wedding day, Chanyeol receiving hate because of his voice can hurt his family’s, fans’ and his own heart.

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