K-netizens are shocked at how much BTS members look like each other

A post on Pann is getting attention for having photos of BTS members’ faces combined.

Why do BTS members look so much alike?

Even the visual members who seem to have no similarity on their faces look like each other.

Jin and V

Jungkook and V

Jin and Jungkook

Source: Pann

[+257, -5] When you look at Suga’s captured photos, you’ll see that he sometimes each other like other members.

[+191, -2] I have watched many of BTS’ videos, and the more I watch them, the more amazing it is to me that Jin and Jungkook look so much alike they can pass as brothers. I don’t see it clearly in other members, but now as you have put them together, I can see that their synchronization is so good.

[+150, -3] It is so magical that Jin looks like both Yoongi and Kook in one photo.

[+1,  -0] When he wears the hat, he looks a little bit like Jungkook.

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