K-fans are kicked out of TXT’s showcase in the U.S, Big Hit is criticized for being unfair

Big Hit and their staff’s recent actions are making many fans of TXT upset.

Recently, many K-fans of Big Hit’s rookie group – TXT – got the attention affter sharing that they were treated unfairly for being an Asian and got kicked out of the showcase in the U.S.

Showcase “STAR in US” of TXT started on May 9th.

In response to many complaint tweets about this unfairness, netizens immediately wrote to Big Hit – TXT’s agency – to ask for an explanation and accuse Big Hit of being unfair to domestic fans while playing favourite to international fans (specifically American fans).

“Why did they suspect me when I didn’t even bring any electronic device with me (camera, recorder,…)? Isn’t Big Hit staff being too much? We were just talking to each other and they looked at us as if we were terrorists! We didn’t do anything but all Korean got kicked out of the show. Please explain!”

“I didn’t bring any camera or lens but they still checked our bodies. They even directly touched us. Then they kicked us out when we haven’t finished the hi-touch yet. Is this for real? You guys are doing this just because there were 5 Koreans talking while waiting in line for the hi-touch?”

Netizens and fans also share their thoughts that Big Hit is being too blinded by the American industry that they looked down on domestic fans and their role in the success of the artists.

  • “Looking at how Big Hit is doing, it’s obvious that they don’t need Korean fans anymore. They are depending too much on international fans and wouldn’t care about us because they cannot make much money from us!”
  • “We are all from the same country but got treated like losers!”
  • “I notice that they really are being unfair to Korean fans. They manage Korean artists, is a Korean agency, why do they have to do that? Are they crazy because of the American market?”
  • “If you don’t like admins of fancafes and masternims, why don’t you sue them? I don’t know what you guys are doing anymore!”

However, some comments also sided with Big Hit due to the reason that sasaeng fans (stalker fans) appear at idols’ shows abroad which led to this agency tightening the K-fans control policy at international events. At the moment, Big Hit Entertainment hasn’t said anything regarding this situation.

Sources: kenh14

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