1 hour ago

    “Snowdrop” portrays NSP’s viciousness amid controversy over its glorification

    JTBC's drama "Snowdrop", which was criticized for the controversy over beautifying the National Security Planning Agency (NSP), properly portrayed NSP's…
    1 hour ago

    What if the other three members of BLACKPINK witnessed Jisoo and Jung Hae In’s kiss scene firsthand?

    BLACKPINK Jisoo's first on-screen kiss recently caught the attention of netizens.
    11 hours ago

    “Oh My Ghost” cast members’ performances in 2021: Shin Hye Sun gained big success with “Mr.Queen”

    7 years after the success of "Oh My Ghost", the cast actors of this drama have all gained remarkable achievements…
    11 hours ago

    Jisoo’s (BLACKPINK) kiss is so sweet, but “Snowdrop” can still have a sad ending. Netizens just want to end the drama right away

    One of the two main characters of “Snowdrop” is most likely to “disappear” according to this one detail.
    13 hours ago

    The most annoying K-drama characters of 2021: “Penthouse” and “Squid Game” villains are nothing compared to the last one

    These are the meanest K-drama characters in 2021 that we cannot stand! 
    17 hours ago

    An actor who is appearing in a popular K-drama draws explosive reaction by revealing his girlfriend

    An actor of 'Young Lady and Gentleman' is attracting attention for showing up with his real-life girlfriend. 


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      Do you remember all the stages of Kpop idols at the year-end music festival?

      Can you remember which Kpop stages these are?
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      Do you know all the scandals/controversies happening in Korean showbiz in 2021?

      A series of scandals occurred during the year that made Kpop wobble. Do you remember them all?
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      Can you guess who these female Kpop idols are just based on their outfits?

      Let's test your memory with the quiz to guess the idol's name based on the following outfit!
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      Do you remember all these legendary moments in the history of MAMA?

      Having been held for 22 consecutive years, MAMA has many legendary moments.
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      Do you remember all Daesang owners in MAMA’s history?

      There's a top K-pop group that hasn't had any daesang yet, do you know them?
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      Based on the love you have for the characters in Korean dramas, guess whether you like a toxic relationship or not!

      Based on whether you like or hate the characters in the quiz below, get to know your future lover type.
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