JYP’s new girl group is thought to have this girl, but the truth may surprise you a lot

Shin Ye Eun said that she was embarrassed to hear rumors that she would debut with JYP’s new girl group.

Over the years, JYP Entertainment has made great strides as TWICE became the top K-POP girl group. Right now, TWICE‘s activities seem to have stabilized. JYP is also actively preparing for the next girl group debut. In addition to main member Shin Ryujin, netizens are also curious about the trainees will be selected by JYP.

Shin Ye Eun, the actress who works under JYP has also been listed by netizens as a potential candidate to debut in this girl group. She has received a lot of attention after her role in the movie “A Teen”.

Recently, the actress participated in KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 4”. Here, she revealed she has been working with JYP since last April. JYP Entertainment representative contacted Shin Ye Eun after seeing her photos. Talking about debuting in the company’s new girl group, the actress honestly shared:

“I heard about the rumors, but actually I dance so badly and my singing is terrible, so I feel so embarrassed every time I hear this.”

Shin Ye Eun thinks she is not skilled enough to become an idol

Only with this shrewd joke, Shim Ye Eun has quit rumors that she will debut as an idol under JYP.

Source: tinnhac

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