JYP’s former trainee Kim Eun Seo: “I didn’t aim at Jeon So Mi… I’m sorry”

Kim Eun Seo, a former JYP Entertainment’s trainee, apologized directly for the “slow-fidelity controversy” involving Jeon So Mi.

On October 21th, Kim Eun Seo has personally mentioned her disputes regarding Jeon So Mi through her Instagram and expressed her apology. Kim Eun Seo is a former JYP Entertainment trainee who appeared on shows like ‘SIXTEEN’ and ‘Idol School’.

As known, Kim Eun Seo was under controversy over her comment on Jeon So M’s cover of Sunmi’s “Gashina”, saying, “For the first time, I felt that she was good at singing.”

Read her full Instagram post below:

Kim Eun Seo’s full instagram post

Hello, this is Kim Eun Seo.
I am capturing photos showing the situation in my DM and will post them later to see what’s up to the community
First of all, the account that left controversial comments is not my own account. I came to Seoul for a trainee life and gave the Facebook password to my friends who do not have a phone number to contact with. Besides, I used that account only occasionally to find some friends who live in my hometown.
Other friends are not trainees, but they are not allowed to use SNS by their own names for personal reasons. Therefore, they either changed their names randomly or used my name and pictures that I posted in instagram.
The controversial comment appears to have been posted by a friend of mine other than me when I created my name and photo profile. There are many people who don’t know me, but I know better than anyone else to be careful about everything because I’ve been shown up on air, and I totally acknowledge that posting comments so openly like that is dangerous for me.
I decided to leave the account after consulting with my friends. I will stop using Facebook and Facebook Messages today, and I will be more careful so that this is no longer an unsavory event.
It was my mistake that the circumstances were misleading and that I was not able to prevent this from happening. I’d like to say I’m really sorry to Jeon So Mi and many of you who were hurt by this incident.

I’m sorry.

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