JYP personally praises Stray Kids after Hyunjin’s bullying controversy, Knets show angry reactions

Knets’ criticism of Stray Kids shows no signs of becoming less intense, despite the group’s success after Kingdom.

On August 23, Stray Kids made a comeback with the 2nd full album NOEASY after nearly 11 months of hiatus. This comeback of Stray Kids has received great attention because this is their first comeback since the group was crowned the winner of Kingdom. In particular, this is also Stray Kids’ first comeback with member Hyunjin after his bullying controversy.

To promote the comeback album of his idols, JYP’s leader Park Jin Young shared a post on his Instagram with the caption praising Stray Kids.


Specifically, JYP wrote, “The company staff gathers our heads together to come up with the theme for the next Skz album but when we hear the songs they wrote, we just say “Let’s go with that!”

The creative abilities of these guys are for real. They come up with the theme, the name, lyrics, melody, and track of most of their songs. That’s why I’m confident about their future. These guys are real!!”


JYP’s promoting his idol group only seems to be “adding fuel to the fire” because netizens are still angry at the school violence scandal of the group’s popular member Hyunjin. In particular, Soojin’s departure from (G)I-DLE has caused netizens to constantly “drag” other idols with attitude scandals such as Lia (ITZY), Irene (Red Velvet),… and Hyunjin is no exception.

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