JYP Entertainment to sue the malicious comments against Mina (TWICE)

The agency has filed a lawsuit against those malicious comments about the TWICE member’s health condition.

Recently, member Mina (TWICE) has officially announced her temporary absence from the group’s world tour due to health issues. The Japanese idol is facing a psychological problem where she encounters terrible anxiety before going on stage. JYP has said that she will temporarily be absent from all group activity to focus on receiving therapy. Mina might highly be absent until 2020.

Regarding the complicated health condition of the TWICE member, some netizens have posted malicious comments and spread wrong rumors about the female idol. Due to this, TWICE’s agency has collected all the evidence to start filing a lawsuit against these malicious contents on SNS. On July 26th, JYP has posted an announcement:

Hello. This is JYP Entertainment.

Following the announcement on July 11th that we would take legal action regarding malicious posts and comments about Mina’s health condition and other members in relation to this, we confirmed evidence based on our own monitoring and tips sent in by fans, and we have now filed criminal complaints.

We once again state that we will continue to take all possible civil and criminal action to protect our artists’ reputation, character, and rights. We request for fans to actively send in tips.

Thank you“.

Source: tinnhac

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