JYP chief Park Jin-young is also criticized for the controversy over TWICE Sana, “Didn’t you give them history education?”

Amid the controversy over TWICE Sana’s post, calls for feedback have also been sent to Park Jin-young, the CEO of TWICE’s agency.

According to Park Jin-young’s Instagram as of May 1st, some netizens are protesting on Park Jin-young’s Instagram post, asking, “Is it okay for an idol working in Korea to write such a post, huh?” and “Didn’t you give them history education?“.

Earlier on April 30, Sana wrote in Japanese on TWICE’s official Instagram, “As a person born in the Heisei era, I feel melancholy that Heisei will end, but thank you for your hard work“.

Let’s make it a clean day today, the last day of Heisei era,” she added.

The name “Heisei” mentioned by Sana is an era name used by Japanese Emperor Akihito during his reign. It ended with Emperor Akihito’s resignation on April 30th. A new era – ‘“Reiwa” -will be opened with the inauguration of the new Japanese Emperor Naruhito.

Some netizens pointed out that it was rash for Sana to write such a message on TWICE’s official account at a time when the stressful relationship between Korea and Japan is not yet solved. On the other hand, some said that there was no direct reference to the Japanese emperor in Sana’s post.

Source: nate

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