JYP announces new group “Xdinary Heroes”…”New wave in music industry”

JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as JYP) will launch a new group called “Xdinary Heroes”.

On October 25, JYP heralded a new debut project by releasing the teaser “Coming up Next” on their official SNS channels. On November 1, they opened a logo film featuring sensuous visual beauty and left a hint for an undisclosed rookie group. On November 8th, the agency continued to draw attention from K-pop fans as they confirmed the new group’s name “Xdinary Heroes” for the first time.

Xdinary Heroes

The logo film is organically connected to the previously released teasers. The reappearance of the screen symbolizing loading in the “Coming up Next” video along with the unknown existence “♭form” in the folder led viewers to a mysterious space and doubled their immersion. The two letters merged into one when the alphabet “X” changed to “H“, then the new group’s name was finally unveiled.

With the meaning of “anyone can become a hero”, “Xdinary Heroes” is short for “Extraordinary Heroes” in connection with the phrase “WE ARE ALL HEROES” that appeared in the previous teaser. Like the group’s name, they are expected to create a new wave in the music industry by being heavily armed with their special charms.

Recently, JYP is building a richer lineup of artists by introducing new faces with outstanding capabilities one after another. From a girl group scheduled to debut in February 2022 to another newly revealed rookie group named “Xdinary Heroes”, the agency is expected to brighten the future of K-pop with new faces.

Meanwhile, detailed information about JYP’s new face “Xdinary Heroes” and their debut project will be revealed sequentially on the newly opened official SNS channels of “Xdinary Heroes”.

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