Just with a small act, Baekhyun proved that EXO didn’t lipsync!


As Baekhyun felt the mic’s volume was not loud enough, he gestured the technician to turn it up so he could show his voice off entirely.

Recently, EXO gathered on the Lotte Family Concert stage after a long time with each member’s personal schedule. The boygroup from SM brought a powerful, confident and energetic performance. During EXO’s performance, the fans spotted a super cool act from Baekhyun.
More specifically, while singing his line, Baekhyun suddenly realized that his mic was not loud enough, even being overwhelming by the background music. Quickly, he made a gesture for the logistics staff to adjust his mic in order not to affect the performance.

Baekhyun’s cool act had been recorded by the camera of some fans. In the past, EXO has always been suspected of their ability to make real live performance, even being accused of lipsync. And now with Baekhyun’s act, K-pop fans can now fully believe in the ability of the boygroup from SM to make live performances. EXO is not only able to make a live performance but also do it very well. The boygroup’s stage at Lotte Family Concert received a lot of praise from Korean netizens.

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