Just releasing a new album, EXO has already hinted the next comeback which made fans go crazy

It seems that EXO will soon come back later this year with a reprinted album after “Do not Mess Up My Tempo”.

On November 10th, EXO officially held their first fan meeting for their comeback with their 5th full album “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” and their title song “Tempo“. What made thefans most curious about during the autograph session was that Baekhyun revealedthat the group would shoot the MV for the repacked album the following week. So, after “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo“, EXO is preparing to make a comeback in the near future with a new album. This disclosure from Baekhyun really excited the fans

– “It’s been a year since they last had a comeback, it’s great that now they are releasing continuously, but I’m really worried about their health.”

– “So there will not be a winter album like every year? That’s sad”

– “Previously, SM didn’t let them have acomeback. Now the company made them release so many things at the sametime.”

-“Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” album hasn’t even been delivered to me, yet there is the news that they will have another comeback already.”

Baekhyun is the member who revealed the comeback of EXO in the near future
EXO-L will have to prepare for both physical and mental aspects of EXO’s upcoming comeback!

Source: Kenh14

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