Just announced to open a concert yesterday but B.i is in danger of going to prison for 3 years today, what happened?

The incident seemed to have calmed down when the male singer made a comeback, but suddenly a new development occurred. The former YG idol is in danger of going to prison for up to 3 years.

In 2019, the leader of iKON B.I announced to leave the group and YG Entertainment when he was accused of violating the Drug Control Act by buying marijuana and the hallucinogen LSD from YG’s former trainee Han Seo Hee. He bought the drug between April and May 2016 and used it several times. The incident has become a scar in iKON’s fans’ hearts because B.I was a talented artist behind many hits of iKON.

However, B.I has recently returned as a solo singer.  On June 1, 2021, B.I released his new MV “illa illa”.  By mid-August, B.I also announced to hold the first online concert of his solo career called ‘131 LIVE PRESENTS’ in October.

Just the day before yesterday, he was excited to announce that he would hold a concert with fans, but the next day netizens were shocked to see the male idol at the trial of his old scandal. On the morning of August 27, the first trial of B.I took place in The Court of Seoul Central District. During the trial, prosecutors announced him a 3-year prison sentence and a fine of 1.5 million won.

B.I and his lawyer admitted all the charges and expressed their regret through a letter to the court: “I made a stupid mistake in the past. I was too young and ignorant at that time. This incident made my family very sad. I used to think that I don’t want to live anymore but this incident is an opportunity for me to rethink my life. I will never make such a stupid mistake again. I will think and reflect on myself and I also want to protect the people who are precious to me.”

It is known that B.I will appeal and this is not the final result.  After this trial, many fans could not help but be confused about how the concert will take place, whether the outcome of the trial will affect the performance or not.  Up to now, the B.I team has not made any further announcements.


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