Junhyung (HIGHLIGHT) made the fandom worried for crying on the livestream, confessing that he is extremely stressed.

It seems that Junhyung has experienced a difficult time because of his work and the bad things that happened continuously.

Ever since their separation from CUBE Entertainment and giving up on the B2ST name, the five members of HIGHLIGHT are gaining much success. The group’s career with new company Around Us Entertainment has entered a stable phase. HIGHLIGHT took turns to enlist in the army after years of hard work. However, it seems that the members still have to cope up with many difficulties.

Recently, the main rapper and music producer of the group, Junhyung, made the fandom worried because of his unexpectedly livestream on social media in a bad mood. Junhyung is known to be a strong and calm person, he rarely shows negative emotions in front of his fans. But during the livestream, the idol born in the year 1992 didn’t seem to be able to remain calm.

Many bad things happened today, it’s not a serious problem, but I still don’t feel right,” he said.

He also admitted that he drank a little bit to relieve his stress. Normally he doesn’t do livestreams but because of his bad mood, he wanted to be comforted by his fans. “I am in pain, it really hurts“, “It’s making me go crazy”, “I have not slept for 3 days straight,” he said. His fans were shocked to learn that Junhyung had to use sleeping pills regularly to go to sleep.

After realizing what he said made his fans worried, Junhyung apologized to the fans and promised that he will always try to live happily. His fans have sent a lot of comforting comments to Junhyung, hoping he could freely speak out the heavy feelings in his heart.

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