Jungkook’s new hairstyle is now trending in 77 countries

Fans are going crazy because of BTS Jungkook’s new purple hair.

On 23 April, BTS appeared on Louis Vuitton’s artistic director Virgil Abloh‘s Instagram story. BTS showed up with a new look that changed 180 degrees. In particular, Jungkook attracted explosive interest from fans with purple hair.

Therefore, from 3PM on this day, “BTS’s JUNGKOOK” began trending on Twitter with 2nd rank and “JUNGKOOK PURPLE HAIR” ranked 21st.

He also showed overwhelming popularity among 77 country’s real-time trending, including JUNGKOOK No. 2, JUNGKOOKS No. 9, JUNGKOOK PURPLE HAIR No. 15, No. 5 in Korea’s real-time trend, and etc.

Fans tweeted about this: “Heol purple short hair, stunned”, “Look at the tennis hairstyle, please give us a selfie this”, “Is his purple hair true?”, “It’s really pretty, Jungkookie’s purple hair” “Jungkookie’s purple hair~~~”

In 2021, the BTS member has tried various hair colors such as blue, mint, silver hair and even blond. Everytime he changed his hair’s color became a hot topic.

Meanwhile, on the 23 April, the global fashion brand Louis Vuitton announced on the official SNS that “BTS will become their new ambassador”

Source: nate

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