Jungkook, Kang Daniel, Cha Eunwoo,… wear the same Céline’s jacket

When Kpop male idols like Jungkook (BTS), Kang Daniel, and Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO),… accidentally wear the same item, who is the best one?

It is common for Kpop idols to accidentally wear the same clothes, especially for hot hit items in the current fashion industry.  Most recently, netizens have found that there is a jacket that seems to be favored by many Kpop male idols.  Accordingly, there have been up to 5 male artists wearing this in various events including Jungkook (BTS), Kang Daniel, Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO), Jeno (NCT Dream), and Jay Park.

BTS’s Jungkook
NCT Dream’s Jeno
Jay Park
Kang Daniel
ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo

Accordingly, this item is ‘Loose Raglan Jacket’ from Celine’s ‘2020 Homme’ collection, with a listed price of about $ 6,400.  The jacket is quite prominent with 4 colors: white, red, black and gold.  On the red hem of it is a picture of two coconut trees in the American summer style.  That is why the person wearing this item will naturally bring a source of youth energy. 

Many netizens compared which male idol would suit this item the best.  In the comments, many Knet said that the design of this jacket is not too special, even childish.  However, because it is worn by handsome male idols, they can feel its aura and trendiness.

Netizens comment on Theqoo:

  • The jacket suits Jungkook so well
  • The clothes are so weird… It feels like Cha Eunwoo wins thanks to his face.
  • Why does Jay Park look so young with that jacket on…
  • Jungkook looks like a superhero ㅠㅠㅠ
  • Jungkook and Eunwoo look the best
  • It looks good on Jeno because he has the most youthful vibe. The design is too cartoonish like it’s for kids
  • Wow, the clothes are weird, but Cha Eunwoo is a big hit
  • Rockstar Jungkook~
  • The problem with talking about fashion on Cha Eun Woo is that you can’t see anything but his face… His face just wins.
  • Jungkook and Cha Eunwoo are perfect

Source: Theqoo

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