Jungkook (BTS) had made fans excited because of the swear words in Savage Love, but he was shy, daring not to say a half word when sang live?

Jungkook had a sweet voice, but the way he handled sensitive words in the song was so cute.

On the day of BLACKPINK‘s comeback, BTS also released a remix of Jason Derulo’s Savage Love song featuring Jungkook, SUGA, and j-hope. The song quickly became a hit because of the catchy melody and the 3 members’ refreshing performances. However, the most impressive segment was the lyrics containing the swear words that Jungkook sang.

The part of lyrics “When you kiss me, I know you don’t give two f**ks” contained sensitive words. But through his handling, the swear words became extremely sweet and smooth. Everyone wished the members, especially Jungkook, to quickly sing live to Savage Love remix version.

Recently, Jungkook has satisfied ARMY when singing a part of this song and posted it on Twitter. Although the video is only 1 minute long, but his voice is strong and sweet like recording in the studio!

The maknae of BTS also made fans fall in love with his manly appearance. The hairstyle also made Jungkook attractive despite he was wearing casual clothes.

Through Jungkook’s voice, the swear words in the song Savage Love were so impressive that many people had “waited” for the part that he sang it. But the male idol has an extremely skillful and lovely way of handling. As for the part with the sensitive words, Jungkook didn’t sing, and let the audio play then made cute hand movements. So, he avoided the sensitive part without disappointing the listener. The clip of Jungkook received the response of ARMY right after it was broadcast. The clip received 1 million views in just 14 minutes and reached 2.3 million views in 1 hour. The name of the BTS’s maknae also climbed to the 6th place on the Twitter top global trending.

In addition to praising Jungkook’s voice and appearance, fans also mentioned the way that he handled the sensitive part in the song Savage Love. The majority of ARMY expressed regret because they were looking forward to hearing the youngest of BTS sing … the swear words.

However, Jungkook is a famous and influential idol, it is understandable that why he ignored sensitive and controversial words.

Fan commented:

  • Jungkook really ignored that swear word, what a good boy.
  • We all watched Jungkook’s video and thought: “Come on honey, please say that word”, and then he didn’t say a word.
  • He is so cute. His voice is as beautiful as an angel’s. He really is the main vocal. But he doesn’t need to avoid that sensitive word either.
  • Jungkook, do you know you’re the only one who sings the swear word so sweetly

Sources: k14

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