Jungkook and V take the spotlight in BTS’s new MV but the rapper trio is like “invisible”

The three rappers are the ones who suffer the most in BTS’s latest MV, as they alternate between being last in terms of singing lines and screen time.

BTS made their return on May 21 with the English single “Butter“. Within hours of its release, the song had broken numerous records, leaving ARMYs ecstatic.

Fans, however, still did not forget to pay attention to the division of singing lines and screen time in the new MV. The vocal-line (Jungkook, V, Jin, and Jimin) is favored over the rapper-line (RM, SUGA, and j-hope). 

In the song “Butter”, Jungkook sang the most with 24.39 seconds.  Followed by Jimin (23.9 seconds), V (22.88 seconds) and Jin (20.92 seconds).  In general, BTS’s vocal lines are divided fairly evenly, but their vocal time is much more than rap lines.


RM has the most lines out of the three rappers, but his rap is only 12.23 seconds long.  J-hope and SUGA respectively shared the last two positions. The rapper born in 1993 only raised his voice for only 7.87 seconds.  However, this difference is understandable. “Butter” belongs to the dance-pop genre, which matches the vocals of the members in the vocal group more.

Considering the screen time, Jungkook gave up the first place to V. The solo and close-up scene of V was up to 25.1 seconds.  However, the BTS maknae still ranked 2nd and appeared only about 6 seconds less than V. The 3rd and 4th positions belonged to Jin and Jimin, respectively.


BTS’s 3 rappers continued to rank last, but this time the order changed.  j-hope ranked 5th, the highest of the three with a screen time of 11.5 seconds.  RM fell to the “bottom” position, his solo footage was only 8.3 seconds long.

Bts rm

While Jungkook  and V are the center of attention in this comeback, the remaining members of the vocal line have the opportunity to show off their vocals and charm in MV Butter. Many people are pleased that Jin has a singing line and screen time that are commensurate with his talent and appearance. However, fans hope that the group’s 3 rappers will have more opportunities to prove their talents.

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