Jungkook and V (BTS)’s successful puberty journey

After 6 years, Jungkook and V all came from adorable teenage boys to Korea’s most attractive men.

Jungkook debuted when he was 15 years old, the time when he was just a boy with an adorable round face. After 6 years, the youngest member of BTS is now a powerful man with an irresistible stage presence.
At the age of 22, Jungkook no longer bears the innocent, childlike face anymore. His jawline is much sharper now.
Jungkook’s change in appearance after becoming an adult
V has also changed after 6 years. The more he grows up, the sharper his facial features become. This BTS member was ranked #1 on the The 100 Most Handsome Faces of TC Candler.
The jawline is the most different thing on V’s face. From a boy, V is now a very attractive man.
Korean netizens commented on this successful puberty of Jungkook and V: “There were so cute when they were kids”, “They are so handsome now, they were just boys when they debut and look at them now”, “Both the jawline and the side profile of V and Jungkook are awesome”, “The more they grow up, the more handsome they get, how can this be?”, “It’s interesting to be able to see BTS’s changes in appearance after all those years”,…

Source: iOne

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