Jung Yumi’s “The limits of an old actress” vs Shin Ae Ra’s “We have to accept it” (The Way You Want)

Actress Shin Ae Ra listens to the concerns of her junior, actress Jung Yumi.

In the 4th episode of reality show “The Way You Want”, which airs on September 15th, Lee So Yeon and Jung Yumi, will join “Travel Guides” Shin Ae Ra and Park Ha Sun in their trip to Danyang,  Chungcheongbuk-do.

On this day, the 4 actresses, who bought food from Danyang’s traditional market, will set up Park Ha Sun’s kimchi stew and Danyang’s specialty garlic sundae for a delicious eating show. It was during their meal that Park Ha Sun started a conversation, saying, “Jung Yumi said that she had a story she wanted to tell when she met Shin Ae Ra.”

In particular, Jung Yumi asked Shin Ae Ra for advice, saying, “Actually, as I get older as an actress, I develop more thoughts. I feel like there’s a limit to the roles I can take now that I’m older”

Shin Ae-ra

Responding to this concern, Shin Ae Ra answered, “We have to accept it”, and told her stories of past experiences and positive mindset that helped her overcome similar thoughts. Hearing this, Park Ha Sun agreed, adding, “I also took a break from activities for about two years after marriage. I think I overcame the slump by challenging a new field.”

In response to Shin Ae Ra’s realistic yet warm advice, Jung Yumi expressed her deep gratitude, saying, “I thought you would say good things as a senior and actor in life, and it is as expected!”

At the end of the teaser video, the production team of “The Way You One” said, “The four actresses, who heated up the dormitory with Zumba, built up memories by sharing candid stories with late-night snacks. On the second day, a feast of wilder and more surprising activities is prepared, so please look forward to the travel stories of the actresses with ‘zero pretense, explosion of chemistry’.”

Source: Daum

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