Jung Jin Woon and Lee Cheol Woo replied “Nothing has been confirmed”, Kangin’s still silent

Another celebrity list regarding “Jung Joon-young’s group chat” is released, creating another stir.

On SBS’s “Night Of Real Entertainment” on April 2nd, the show dealt with the controversy over additional celebrity members in Jung Joon-young’s group chat. “In addition to Seungri, Choi Jong-hoon and Yong Joon-hyung, many other celebrities have been named. They are singer K, singer J, and model L.”

Regarding Jung Joon-young’s suspected charge of abroad prostitution, he did indeed went to Berlin in 2016 for a entertainment program and “the initials of the guests and staffs was checked and most of them matched which led to the suspicion“.

The staffs of the show Jinwoon was on answered the question from “Night Of Real Entertainment” that “Jinwoon is currently in the army, he still haven’t received the badge and is still at the training camp so it might take a while to confirm the information. We wouldn’t know if he had a close relationship other than just colleagues filming the show“.

An official at Lee’s agency said, “There is nothing internally confirmed. Those are just uncomfirmed information. I’m looking at it gradually, but I haven’t received any precise notice“.

On the other hand, Kangin did not answer calls from the producers of SBS’s “Night Of Real Entertainment”.

Sources: Nate

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