Jung Hae In selected as soda model for his “refreshing charm”

Actor Jung Hae In has been selected as an advertising model for Chilsung Cider.

Jung Hae In continues his trending moves by being selected as a model for Lotte Chilsung Beverage’s Chilsung Cider.

The new advertisement teaser video for Chilsung Cider Zero, which Jung Hae In participated in, was released on April 12th. The full version will be released in May.

Jung Hae In

In the teaser video, Jung Hae In captures “ZERO MOMENT”, a moment in which he moves out of his stuffy and complicated state of mind and experiences a refreshing feeling, based on the concept of “Let’s live without unnecessary things”.

The moment Jung Hae In drinks Chilsung Cider Zero, the world in the city turns upside down and he dives into the sky. Through this, you can feel both a sense of freedom and freshness.

Jung Hae In

An official from Lotte Chilsung Beverage said, “Jung Hae In’s clean image and refreshing charm go well with Chilsung Cider’s freshness, so we selected him as an advertising model.”

Meanwhile, Jung Hae In is loved by the public for his wide acting spectrum and image transformation in each work. Currently, Jung Hae In’s Netflix series “D.P. 2” is about to be released. He is also filming the movie “Veteran 2”.

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