Jung Eun-ji’s kiss scene in “Work Later, Drink Now” received divided opinions from netizens

Discussions are continuing over a scene from the TVING web drama “Work Later, Drink Now”.

In TVING’s “Work Later, Drink Now” which aired on Nov 5th, an episode when Kang Ji-gu (Jung Eun-ji) worked as a high school teacher in the past was revealed. Kang Ji-gu had time alone with her student Park Se-jin (Shin Ji-hyo), who begged Ji-gu to buy alcohol for her even though she was a minor.

Kang Ji-gu prepared a can of soda and a can of sports drink, then said, “Let’s think of it as soju and have a drink. I think it’ll be great if we mix them together. Shall I do that?”

Work Later Drink Now kiss scene

Upon hearing this, Se-jin asked doubtfully, “There’s no one who says ‘What happened’ to me even if I drink. More than that, aren’t you curious about why my parents transferred me to this school? You might be surprised if you hear it.” Kang Ji-gu firmly drew the line, “If you say something strange again, I won’t leave you alone.”

Work Later Drink Now kiss scene
Work Later Drink Now kiss scene

After continuing the conversation for a while, Se-jin said, “Are you sure you won’t be embarrassed?” Then she suddenly kissed Ji-gu on the lips.

Work Later Drink Now kiss scene
Work Later Drink Now kiss scene

When Kang Ji-gu wiped her lips and asked, “What are you doing?”, Se-jin replied, “You’re even more shy about this than a rag?”

Work Later Drink Now kiss scene

Netizens who watched this scene were divided into two opinions. First, the side “They inserted a same-sex kiss scene for the dramatic effect of the work” showed positive reactions such as “Now the world seems to be changing a lot”, “Scenes like this should appear more”, “It was a fresh scene”…

There were also opposing opinions. Some raised concerns such as “Kissing without the consent of the other person is a crime”, “It doesn’t matter if they are of the same sex, but the problem is that they suddenly kissed in secret”, “If you think about the real situation, the person being kissed will be very embarrassed”…

The TVING web drama “Work Later, Drink Now” is co-starred by Lee Sun-bin, Han Sun-hwa and Jung Eun-ji. The work is a full-fledged narrative drama depicting the daily lives of three women whose belief in life is “having a drink at the end of the day”.


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