Jung Eun Ji (Apink) has sued the stalkers who prowled around her house, “If you dare to come again, I will ask for police’s investigations”

Apink Eun Ji has sued the stalkers who often came to her house.

Apink Eunji

According to a report on News 1 on August 25, PlayM Entertainment, Jung Eun Ji’s company, has recently filed a complaint against the stalkers who violated their artist’s private life.

In July, Jung Eun Ji post a warning on her SNS, saying, “There are many people who often come to my house these days. Not only do I hate this, but my neighbors were also annoyed by your action”. She added, “If you only care about your feelings, I don’t think I can respect you anymore”

Eun Ji’s company also told her not to come nearer to the stalkers who had been trying to approach her. However, the situation didn’t seem to get better and more stalkers continued to sneak in her place. Therefore, the company decided to file a complaint to sue the stalkers and protect their artists.

Referring to the “Stalking Crime Punishment Act” which would come into effect in October, Jung Eun Ji’s company said, “Due to the seriousness of the stalking crime, we have filed this complaint to prevent the recurrence of the stalking and to raise the social awareness. We are looking forward to the investigation to proceed quickly, and strict punishments would be announced to stop this situation.”

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