Jun Hoe (iKON) got attacked by laser pointers while performing

iKON’s fans are very upset because their idol was attacked by laser pointers while performing, forcing him to turn his face away.

iKON participated in ” 2018 BBQ x SBS Super Concert,” which was held at Suwon Worldcup Stadium with other guests including BLACKPINK, Wanna One, Seventeen, and NU’EST W

iKON brought on stage the two hits “Love Scenario” and “Goodbye Road”. When interacting with fans during the performances, Jun Hoe was deliberately attacked by laser pointers, forcing him to turn away.

This is not the first time a Kpop idol has been attacked by laser on stage. Moreover, antifans also attacked other idols, such as Wanna One, BTS, and EXO with laser pointers, causing some burns on skin when they are exposed to laser rays in a long time. It is worth mentioning that this behavior is really dangerous. Exposing the laser beam to the eye can cause eye damage, leading to temporary blindness, even permanent blindness. Despite repeated warnings and severe accusations, this dangerous action of antifans still continues without any preventive measures.

In September, the member Jun Hoe of iKON got into a big argument about attitude when talking with the fans. When the fan asked him to delete a problematic photo on his personal Instagram account, he replied: “Do not tell me to do this, I do not like that.” The behavior of the male idol caused a wave of indignant demand for YG to kick him out of the group. Despite two apologies on Instagram, handwritten letters and a direct apology, there are still some people who do not accepting this but continued to criticize the male idol and take such excessive actions as attacking him with laser light at this event like a way to protest him.

Source: kclive

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