JTBC remains silent about Big Hit’s demand for an apology, BTS’s fans call for a boycott

JTBC still remained silent although Big Hit Entertainment officially denied JTBC’s report that the company is in a dispute with BTS about a profit-sharing conflict or renewing the contract, so the fans are making their moves.

In JTBC’s “Newsroom,” which aired on December 9, it’s reported that Big Hit and BTS are having conflicts over the distribution of profit: “BTS is having “the conflict of profit allocation” after reviewing legal actions against the agency,” and “It seems they changed because of Hallyu, why is there a dispute with the company?”

At 1:25 a.m. on December 10, a few hours after the report was aired, Big Hit released an official statement about JTBC’s Newsroom report on Dec 9. 2019, saying that BTS and their parents are not currently considering any legal action, including a lawsuit against the party.

“We checked with BTS members and their parents after the report. It has been confirmed that BTS parents asked a law firm in Gangbuk two months ago about some of their contracts (related to the video content business). At that time, the consultation did not lead to actual requests and the law firm did not provide any official advice,” said Big Hit.

Big Hit also expressed regret over JTBC’s coverage activities, saying, “JTBC did not properly confirm the facts in their reports about our company, they tried to link the events that are unrelated to our company, and even in the process of reporting, they made us suspicious about whether they are a media site that emphasizes the principles of journalism.”

“Whatever JTBC’s intentions are, the contents of this report are not true, and JTBC has caused damage to us and BTS by exaggerating some of the contents and making reports as if they were true, and linked the matters not related to us,” Big Hit said. “We consider the report by JTBC as problematic reporting that does not conform to the minimum principles, and demand an apology and response from JTBC.”

However, JTBC still hasn’t had any comment on the report.

BTS’s fans are now taking actions in demand for a sincere apology and an answer from JTBC.

On December 13 on Twitter and other social networking sites, they are spreading a post saying “We will boycott all content from @JTBC_news, which defrauded the artist and broadcast false information about the artist as if it were true. My confidence in all the news and information broadcast on JTBC will be withdrawn and I strongly protest their unethical behavior”.

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