JR of NU’EST W in variety show “Night Goblin”: explosion of various charms…

In variety show “Night Goblin”, JR has been reborn into a perfect entertainer. At the beginning, he quietly followed the older cast members with cheerful smile.

During an episode of Night Goblin that was aired on October 8th, Lee Soo Geon – Jung Hyung Don – Park Sung Kwang – Chun Jung Myung – JR of NU’EST W went to explore Jeonju city’s popular gourmet. They were divided into two teams, Lee Soo Geon – Chun Jung Myung and Jung Hyung Don – Park Sung Kwang – JR respectively, and departed to search popular gourmet

Especially on this day, JR performed really well. Actually Night Goblin is JR’s first regular variety show after debut, and in the beginning, he was a quiet character amongst the veteran comedians. He only cheerfully laughed when the older cast members said something. However, JR’s variety skill has been continuously upgraded with each episode, which fascinates the audience.

NUEST, JR, Night Goblin, 2017

When Chun Jung Myung answered the time 2:50 in soldier-like style as “ten minutes to three”, JR innocently said “Isn’t it 2:50?” and showed his funny charm. Also, when JR was searching for locals and tourists with Jung Hyung Don and Park Sung Kwang, he met Japanese tourists by accident. When the Japanese tourist told JR that she’s his fan, JR spoke fluently in Japanese and made everyone forgot his silly image. JR showed an unexpected side of him by using Japanese skillfully to converse with the Japanese tourists and surprised everyon

When we were still awed with his skill, JR came up with a bizarre idea to tease Lee Soo Geun team. Although JR lost in the game, he bought a mildly spicy Nakji Horong and a super spicy Nakji Horong (xNakji Horong = small octopus skewer) and gave the super spicy one to Lee Soo Geun team. And then, Lee Soo Geun and Chun Jung Myung said “this is a punishment”, and that it’s very spicy. Meanwhile, JR, while eating his mildly-spicy Nakji Horong, shamelessly said “Well even if it’s mildly spicy, it’s still spicy” and acted innocently. His variety sense is developing day by day, so his future success is greatly anticipated.

[translated by @bugibugijr] Source: korepo

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