Joy shared that she checked the online articles on the day her dating news with Crush broke out

Red Velvet Joy retold what she did on the day her dating news hit the headlines.

Crush and Joy dating
Crush and Joy dating

On August 24, Red Velvet members Wendy, Irene, Joy, and Yeri joined seulgi in the live broadcast that she hosted, “”, which was aired on Naver NOW.

During the show, each member presented the questions about themselves in turn while other members had to guess the correct answers. When it came to Joy’s turn, she asked, “What was the first thing that I did when I came home yesterday?”

Irene immediately shouted, “You searched for your name – Joy”. Wendy said, “You looked at your phone”. Yeri guessed, “You looked up things that happened on the Internet”.

A day before the live broadcast (August 23), Joy and singer Crush were officially confirmed to be dating.

Joy was embarrassed at the answers from the members; she jokingly complained, “Why did you give me this question?”. Actually, the correct answer on the script was ‘Joy practiced the lines to prepare for the shooting of her new drama’.

However, Joy admitted that she acknowledged the dating news; she said, “I did see everything on the Internet”. Seul Gi responded to Joy, saying, “Everyone saw it, right?”, changing the mood of the live broadcast.

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