Joy (Red Velvet) released an impressive set of solo concept photos, fans showed off their editing skills for idols from Jennie, Rosé to Jimin (BTS)!

Amid the exciting atmosphere of the Kpop summer days, SM Entertainment also announced that Joy will be the next member to make a solo debut in Red Velvet. 

After Wendy’s impressive solo with Like Water, showing off her vocal strength, marking her return after a stage accident last year, fans also expect Joy to have a successful solo debut, worthy of her talent.  

 Specifically, the female idol will make her solo debut with a special album called Hello.  True to her stage name, the concept that SM gives Joy is full of energy and joy.  The retro concept is simple but SM has put much effort in it, from the details handbag accessories to phone, guitars, etc., these are all typical items of the 90s era. This simple yet eyecatching poster of Joy is currently going viral all over social media especially Twitter.  The reason for this is easy to understand, because the concept’s color is outstanding, easy to design and edit, and Joy looks very pretty and full of energy.

 Notably, many fans are currently creating different posters for their idols following the concept that SM did for Joy. Looks like this time SM and Joy have started a successful trend! Let’s take a look at the fan-edited posters to see how “legit” they are!

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