Jonghyun has long tattooed himself the symbol of depression, but unfortunately, nobody knew…

There were many times when the male idol sent the signals of his illness. They had been making him stressed for a long time, which finally led to his decision to free himself by the death.

It’s been 2 days since Jonghyun, a member of idol group SHINee, committed suicide because of depression, but the Asian entertainment industry is still inconsolable. Especially, some information about the real meaning of Jonghyun’s black dog tattoo on his left side has been revealed, which makes netizens even sadder.

Shinee, jonghyun, tattoo
After Jonghyun’s sudden death, many people decided to re-watch his MVs, interviews, re-listen to his songs and re-admire his photos in order to keep his memorable moments while he was still alive in their minds.
Shinee, jonghyun, tattoo, SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI
Suddenly, a photo capturing Jonghyun on the stage of “SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI” made his fans shocked.
Shinee, jonghyun, tattoo
In that photo, Jonghyun was wearing a top and showing off a tattoo on his left side. The tattoo is called “I had a black dog. His name was Depression”

Jonghyun implied that he was long depressed, but nobody thought his mental illness was so serious that he made such a terrible decision like that.
“Depression? Do you know what it means?” … Exactly, some depressed people consider this tattoo as symbol reminding them to overcome their illness and to fight against the stupid depressed black dog. So did Jonghyun, he tattooed himself with this “black dog” to let people know what he had to suffer. Unfortunately, nobody paid attention to his hopeless message for help.
If we have been following Jonghyun’s activities in 2017, we can see that there were many times when he sent his signals to audiences. For example, he expressed that he felt stuck in life through song lyrics (“Let Me Out”, “Breath”…); shared sad statuses on his social networks; he even cut his hand to the 28th mark and sank himself into the bathtub in the MV “Lonely”; in one livestream, when a fan asked what his plan for this year was, Jonghyun replied that he just wanted to “relax”…

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Now, looking back at everything, we wonder how could those signals be heartlessly clear as well as consistent? We finally know how Jonghyun suffered that serious depression and how powerless he was when no one understood it.

It’s like a saying of one of his fans, “Maybe we lost Jonghyun by ourselves”.

Sources: tinnhac, kenh14

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