Jong Kook shows off his Gold and Silver YouTube buttons to Running Man members, but only Ji Hyo gets the privilege

Jong Kook’s favoritism towards Ji Hyo makes fans continue to “sail the ship”!

Recently, Kim Jong Kook uploaded a video of “unboxing” his YouTube Gold and Silver buttons and showing them off to the Running Man team at the backstage of their online fan meeting. This is a huge achievement for “Mr Capable” when it has only been 2 months since he opened the YouTube channel.

Talking about the reason for bringing the Gold and Silver buttons to the recording set of Running Man’s online fan meeting, Kim Jong Kook said he wanted to tease other 2 members, Haha and Ji Suk Jin, because they both have their own YouTube channels for more than a year but have not been able to get a Gold button like “Mr Capable”.

jong kook jihyo running man
Jong Kook shows off the Gold and Silver buttons to other Running Man members

As the first members to appear in the video, neither Ji Suk Jin nor Haha got Jong Kook’s permission to borrow or slightly touch his Gold and Silver buttons. However, when Ji Hyo showed up, Jong Kook excitedly showed off his “great achievement” and thanked Ji Hyo for the actress’s contribution. Jong Kook even intended to give Ji Hyo the Silver button as a thank you gift.

Having a large fan base, it is not surprising that Jong Kook’s gym vlog with the appearance of Ji Hyo has a sudden increase in views. Thanks to the attraction of the SpartAce couple, the 2 vlogs featuring Ji Hyo as a guest achieved huge views with a total of up to 24 million.

jong kook jihyo running man
Thanks to Ji Hyo, Kim Jong Kook’s vlogs got a lot of views

Fans pay special attention to the moment when Jong Kook easily allowed Ji Hyo to hold the Silver button and touch his Gold button. The attitude of the male singer towards Ji Hyo is completely different from the 2 male members. This gives SpartAce fans the opportunity to ship them enthusiastically.

jong kook jihyo running man
Only Ji Hyo has the privilege to touch the Youtube Silver and Gold button of Jong Kook
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