‘John Legend X Wendy is the next collaboration of SM Station?’

‘SM Station’ has made an announcement about a new collaboration. The fans are guessing who the owners of the silhouettes are.

The sixth collaboration of ‘Station Young’ is the one between male artist and female artist.

Netizens are speculating that these two are John Legend and “Red Velvet” Wendy.

Firstly, the silhouettes in the teaser image are similar to the two.

The male silhouette is similar to John Legend’s profile picture, and the female silhouette matches Wendy’s ‘Power Up’ concept picture.

In the story of SM Entertainment’s US Instagram account, there was a California shooting ‘spoiler’ and John Legend hash tag also came up.

In addition, Wendy recently went abroad for her personal schedule.

On the other hand, ‘Station Young’, a SM digital music channel, is in collaboration with SKT culture brand ‘0’. Artists such as Tae Yeon X MeloMance, Baek Hyun X Lo Co, and Chan Yeol X Sehun are doing collaborations, attracting a lot of attentions from fans.

Sources: dispatch

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