Jo Jung Suk confirmed to lead new movie “Pilot” from director of “Crazy Romance”  

Jo Jung Suk has announced his next acting project after “Hospital Playlist” season 2. 

Jo Jung Suk, who is is loved by audiences for his colorful acting range portrayed through a variety of characters across movies such as “Exit”, “My Annoying Brother”, “The Face Reader”, “Architecture 101”, and dramas namely “Hospital Playlist”, “Jealousy Incarnate”, and “Oh My Ghost”, has been cast as the male lead in “Pilot”. 

Jo Jung Suk

Through the character Jung Woo, Jo Jung Suk is expected to bring laughter to the audience with his natural comic acting and unique, charming cheerfulness. 

jo in sung

Pilot” depicts the story of a man who finds himself unemployed overnight but finds a new job later on due to an unexpected identity laundering. The movie is directed by Kim Han Gyeol, who has proven his excellent directing skills through “Crazy Romance”.  

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