Jo Hana, an aspiring actress who appeared on the “Ask us anything fortune teller” show, has just passed away

Netizens looked back on her old post and expressed more regret 

Recently, an acquaintance of Jo Hana shared on social media: “A small and nice child who dreamed of becoming an actress became a small flower and went up to the sky at the age of 23. She lost 2 million won after being tricked and suffered loneliness. She decided to choose a painless life” 

Jo Hana, an aspiring actress who appeared on the "Ask us anything fortune teller" show, has just passed away

An acquaintance said: “As always, the demons will get away as if nothing had happened. But we still have to fight until the end. It’s the right thing to do as a human. 

At the news of the sad death of a young aspiring actress, netizens look back on her old social media post expressed regret.

People noticed the unfortunate personal story of Jo Hana in the past broadcasts and expressed regret. Lately, Jo Hana has appeared on KBS’s “Ask Us Anything: Fortune Teller” broadcast in May 2019. She had lived without a name for 19 years due to the divorce of her parents and not being able to report her birth.

Because of this, she was not able to attend middle and high school, so she did not receive the basic medical insurance benefits as well as taking the GED. She eventually shocked the viewers by revealing that she was only able to enjoy her normal life only after finding a lawyer at the age of 19 and having her current name.

In response, Jo Hana said, “Thank you so much for supporting me and worrying about me. But I hope you don’t criticize my mother badly. She lived a hard life. She only sleeps 4-5 hours a day and works. She lived without her own leisure life” – Hana leaving a comment of explanation. 

She continued to explain why she wants to meet her father even though this man used to cause domestic violence. “He is my dad anyway. No matter how bad he is, this is still the one who brought me to this world. I believe there is a little good side in him” she said.

Many netizens are saddened by Jo Hana. Even in her difficult situation, she still loves her family.

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