Jisoo’s response to the dating rumor with Son Heung Min and K-netizens’ reactions

Internet users have once again brought up the dating rumor of Song Heung Min and Jisoo.

Rumors of the romantic relationship between the two have aroused from time to time since 2019. Three pieces of evidence that make netizens suspect the two’s romantic relationship has been pointed out. Netizens found both entered Korea from France on the same day, Jisoo went to watch Son Heung Min‘s match in England, and the two wore couple bracelets.

jisoo son heung min

However, the bracelet worn by Son Heung Min is known to be a friendship bracelet between players, and Jisoo’s bracelet is reportedly presented by a famous designer. Moreover, in an interview in the past, when asked about the dating rumor with Son Heung Min, Jisoo drew a line between their relationship, saying, “We are not even close”.

Currently, there are mixed reactions to the rumor of Song Heungmin and Jisoo’s romantic relationship on online communities. Some people congratulate them, “He’s in the U.K, but I wonder if he would fly to France”, “Congratulation”, “The birth of a global star couple”, etc. Meanwhile, others voiced to tell people to refrain from giving speculations, “Anyone can wear the same bracelet”, “It’s not reasonable if they actually dated after she went to watch just one match.”

Jisoo was born in 1995, 3 years younger than Son Heung-min. She is recognized as one of the new beauty goddesses of Kpop for her excellent beauty by Korean standards.

Since her debut in 2016, Jisoo has never admitted to being in a relationship with anyone, although she has repeatedly been caught up in dating rumors with BTS members. Despite the lack of actual evidence, a portion of the audience continues to believe these rumors.

Source: Nate

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