Jisoo reveals the reactions of BLACKPINK members to her first solo album

With her solo debut just one day away, BLACKPINK Jisoo personally introduced the key points of her first album and interesting anecdotes. 

On March 31st at 1 PM (KST), BLACKPINK Jisoo will release her first solo album “ME”. It is expected that the female idol will showcase her various colors that have never been seen before through the title track “Flower” and the B-side track “All Eyes On Me.”


Having been involved in the overall production process of the album, Jisoo said, “It was a fun journey to find the music that I can do best and that only I can do. I hope the listeners will discover a new side of me.”

Below are some excerpts from an interview with Jisoo, one day ahead of her solo debut. 

Q. As this is your first album as a solo artist, how are you feeling about this “comeback”, Jisoo?

A. I waited for the comeback with the fans, checking their reactions every time a teaser was released. I’m excited to finally show what I’ve prepared for a long time. I would be thrilled if the fans are happy when they receive this album filled with the essence of “Jisoo”.

Q. Please introduce your album, “Me”

A. While preparing for the album, I asked myself, “What is the charm of solo artist Jisoo?” I wanted to show a new and diverse image while still protecting my identity. This album is the result of looking inward and expressing myself through countless concerns. I participated in the overall aspects of the album, and approached it with that mindset from beginning to end. Through the process of discovering new charms of myself that I didn’t know before, I found myself growing and becoming stronger.

jisoo flower

Q. How did the BLACKPINK members support you?

A. They watched the preparation process and shared their opinions even during their busy schedules. Seeing the members’ positive reactions gave me great courage and confidence. Rosé, who happened to be in LA, even came to the music video shoot. It was even more delightful to meet a member in an unexpected situation. It was a bit lonely to do it alone after always being with the members, but seeing Rosé made me feel like my energy was 100% charged.

Source: Daum

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