Jisoo revealed the untold story about Lisa’s real personality

Through Jisoo’s little story, fans got to know more about the real-life personality of Lisa.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been known for her fancy and unique image. Being a global star, Lisa is thought to be a little savage. However, the true personality of BLACKPINK’s youngest member is totally different, and it was revealed by the eldest member of BLACKPINK, Jisoo.

jisoo lisa blackpink

During the live stream on their 5th anniversary, Ji Soo told the story that happened when Jisoo and Lisa went to the U.S. They were walking down the street when suddenly a stranger came and greeted them. While Jisoo was startled, Lisa immediately greeted back. Lisa’s random action made Jisoo really surprised.

jisoo lisa blackpink

After that, Ji Soo asked Lisa, “Do you know that person?” and Lisa was like, “No”. Not only did Lisa and the stranger greet each other, but they also did the high-five. Ji Soo was astonished, and she said, “How could you be so friendly to a stranger you meet on the street?”. Even Jennie admitted that only Lisa could do that.

jisoo lisa blackpink
The members have to admit that only Lisa can be so friendly

It’s just a short story, but it’s enough to show that Lisa is a kind and approachable person. Lisa decided to respond to strangers’ greetings despite the fact that she had the option to ignore them. Lisa’s story is presently being shared on numerous sites and is garnering positive feedback from internet users.

jisoo lisa blackpink
It’s only a small story, but it’s enough to make BLINKs proud of the female idol’s adorable character.

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