Jisoo is nowhere to be seen during BLACKPINK’s performance with Dua Lipa, what happened?

A photo confused the whole fandom of BLACKPINK once again.

On May 1st (local time), BLACKPINK started their 1st concert night at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey as a part of their world tour “BLACKPINK In Your Area”. Especially, in this concert, “Kiss And Make Up” was performed live with all 5 people for the first time. As a guest of the show, Dua Lipa has burnt down the stage with BLACKPINK during their performance for the hit.

blackpink dua lipa
“Kiss And Make Up” was performed live with Dua Lipa for the first time

Dua Lipa could not hide the joy and happiness when she first performed with BlackPink. The singer shared a picture with BlackPink members but there is an unusual thing that confuses the fans…


In the picture, no matter how many times the fans look, they can only see Rosé, Lisa and Jennie. With this angle, Jisoo has been perfectly “hiding” behind Dua Lipa, making many people confused:

– “Where is Jisoo?”

– “Don’t tell me Jisoo is the one who took the photo”.

– “Jisoo disappeared?”.

– “Jisoo is still in the photo, it looks like she is saying something to Dua Lipa.”

Jisoo, next time let’s choose an angle that won’t confuse your fans~
“Kiss and Make Up” Fancam – Dua Lipa x BlackPink (1st May Concert)

Source: Kenh14

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