Jisoo chanted “BLACKPINK In Your Area” for the first time but was not recorded by the cameraman

Fans had waited a long time to see Jisoo chanting the group’s slogan, but the cameraman failed to capture this special moment.

When the album “The Album” was released, BLINKs and Jisoo fans were extremely excited because the BLACKPINK’s visual finally had more opportunities to show off her voice. The lines performed by Jisoo were well appreciated, receiving a lot of positive feedback from audiences.

Especially in the song Pretty Savage, Jisoo showed off his rapping ability. Furthermore, this is also the first time she chanted the signature slogan of the group “BLACKPINK In Your Area.” When listening to the audio, the fans were very excited, so when BLACKPINK promoted Pretty Savage on stages, they were even more eager to see Jisoo as a rapper.

However, things turned out not as expected. Unfortunately, in both the Pretty Savage stages on Music Core and Inkigayo, the camera could not record Jisoo chanting the group’s slogan. Don’t know why the cameraman didn’t focus on her at the crucial moment.

After the first two stages, the fans were extremely regretful but also waiting for this week. But unexpectedly, BLACKPINK stopped promoting the song Pretty Savage and only performed Lovesick Girls.

In the end, fans can only regretfully watch Jisoo’s fancams. Fans do not know when they have the opportunity to enjoy Jisoo’s official image chanting the slogan. However, fans are still extremely excited by Jisoo’s excellent performance and look forward to the next Pretty Savage stage of BLACKPINK.

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