Jisoo (BLACKPINK) shows a cold chic look in new photos, different from her sweet concept as usual

It seems that Jisoo’s cold look still highlights her gorgeous beauty well, no less than a soft Jisoo that fans often see.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is often known for her soft, feminine, and graceful style. However, there are times when the visual goddess of YG transforms her look, embracing a tougher and colder look that surprises fans. Most recently, the BLACKPINK’s oldest member posted a series of new behind-the-scenes photos of her in a cold chic look, totally different from her usual style.

The close-up pictures highlight each of her perfect facial features and especially Jisoo’s deep and sharp eyes. Although these are just behind-the-scenes photos, the top-notch visuals and stunning eyes of the BLACKPINK’s visual member make many people think these are the A-cut shots. Most netizens admit that Jisoo is getting more beautiful and her aura has become even more attractive. She truly deserves the title of Kpop’s top visual goddess. She can look good in any style and concept.

blackpink jisoo
Even though it’s a close-up picture, it seems that Jisoo’s face is still flawless.
blackpink jisoo
Her outstanding aura, haughty beauty, and especially attractive eyes make fans flutter.
blackpink jisoo
The female idol wears an elegant dress that shows off her bare shoulders and smooth skin. The classic retro photo color enhances the cool yet ethereal visual
blackpink jisoo
Indeed, her visuals are getting more and more beautiful
blackpink jisoo
The cool Jisoo seems to be as beautiful and charming as the gentle and sweet “Miss” Jisoo
blackpink jisoo
Jisoo’s luxurious image make fans go crazy. Jisoo is getting more and more charming and attractive, worthy of the current title of top visual in Kpop


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