Jisoo’s fanbase in China donated to charity on behalf of her on the 5th anniversary of the group’s debut

On the group’s 5th debut anniversary, Jisoo’s Chinese fanbase ‘China Jisoo Bar’ are carrying out a meaningful act.

China Jisoo Bar

Recently, ‘CHINA JISOO BAR’ is celebrating BLACKPINK‘s 5th debut anniversary with various charity programs.

The fanbase has donated 5 solar capacitors to Hwashi Village, Fujian City, Sichuan Province as a charity event to celebrate Jisoo‘s 5th debut anniversary. In addition, the fans also donated books to the public library and free meals for students in Sichuan province.

In order to prevent sandstorms, the fanbase also planted trees and rescued abandoned animals to spread Jisoo’s good influence.

China Jisoo Bar

Jisoo’s fans are a good example for many fandoms by donating and helping disadvantaged people in the name of idols.

On the other hand, Jisoo will play the female lead in the drama “Snowdrop” scheduled to air this fall.


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