Jisoo (BLACKPINK) collaborated with Line Friends to release a new character for a video game

According to YG Entertainment on March 19th, a new character for “KartRider Rush+”, created by the collaboration of Jisoo, global creative studio Line Friends, and Nexon, is officially announced to be released on this date.

KartRider Rush + is racing game. characters and context in the game are designed based on the hit game Boom Online with more than 19 million players worldwide.

Jisoo is known to be a big gamer.  This time, BLACKPINK’s visual has tried a new role as the designer of a new character for this game. She has carried out this collaborative project with love and passion.

From March 19, the LINE FRIENDS X KartRider Rush+ collaboration will allow players to earn items designed by Jisoo by completing a series of in-game events. These items can then be exchanged along with collected stars to gain rewards including a ‘Turtle Shell Bag’ backpack, a Jisoo themed title, and a Jisoo Aura. In addition, a new character designed by Jisoo and LINE FRIENDS, CHICHI, joins the fray as a playable character.

‘Carruffle Queen’, a video of Jisoo’s progress on the project, will be released on Line Friends’ YouTube channel.  Various episodes have been prepared to show Jisoo’s creativity.

Source: Line Friends, YouTube

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