Jisoo beautiful in the first teaser of BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez, “studio-only” MV again?

YG always likes to challenge fans’ patience. Fans have been waiting for weeks without seeing BLACKPINK members appearing on promoting poster of single Ice Cream featuring Selena Gomez, but recently fans have been “surprised” when the company released Jisoo’s teaser photo.

Jisoo poster’s style is still classic retro style but the color is bright with the main pink tone, printed with the words “D-4” reminding that there are only 4 days left until the releasing of Ice Cream single. The female idol wears a colorful and lovely costume, showing off her gorgeous, radiant beauty making fans’ heart flutter.

Looking at how young Jisoo is, no one can believe she’s the oldest member in the group! Based on Jisoo’s poster, fans are guessing that the new song will have a youthful, mischievous style similar to As If It’s Your Last of BLACKPINK.

However, it is likely that BLINKs who dream of the MV with blue sea, white sand, yellow sun will be “disillusioned”. The latest behind-the-scenes photo Jisoo posted on her Instagram showed that the teaser was taken in the studio, it seems to be a “studio-only” MV again. In the midst of this tense epidemic, filming MV in the studio is understandable.

Sources: kenh14

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