Jisoo as “Lovely Ace ” with her well performance as a guest in “Unexpected Q”

Black Pink expressing special love to Korean Beef, Jisoo “Lovely Ace” in that episode.

On the July 14 episode of MBC’s “Unexpected Q” Black Pink Jisoo has been done well in this program as “Lovely Ace” by expressing her love for Korean beef. She is not only guess correctly the most answers in part “Emoticons quiz” but also performed well in other part in this episode.

Right after the appearance of Jisoo, other guests were excited and were saying that “Jisoo is the Ace today”. Meeting expectations, she really heated up the stage with her kindness when she taught other guests the lyrics of the song at a slow pace.

In addition, the interaction between Eun Jiwon (Sechskies) and Jisoo hit the stage, Senior Eun Jiwon helped her answer the questions. Black Pink’s new hit song “Ddu-du ddu-du” appeared during the “emoticon quiz” and Jisoo was able to answer this question correctly thanks to the hint given by singer Eun Jiwon.

Black Pink’s Jisoo demonstrated her knowledge in the music field as well as spicing up the show with the interactions with other guests and the members of “Unexpected Q”.

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