Jin (BTS) got eye injury due to fireworks on stage, almost seriously injured if not for Jungkook

 Thanks to Jungkook’s quick response, the oldest member of BTS was not seriously injured.

 Fireworks are often used in concerts’ ending, indeed they are splendid and magnificent but also can endanger the artist. Many Kpop idols have been “victims” of fireworks, and ashes from fireworks once got into Jin (BTS) eyes during a performance.  However, at the group’s concert, he was “saved” by Jungkook in time so he was not seriously injured.

 It happened at the concert Love Yourself: Speak Yourself, held in Seoul (Korea) on October 29, 2019.  In the ending stage, ashes from fireworks got into Jin’s eyes, he was covering his left eye with his hand and showed that he was in pain. Seeing that, Jungkook immediately ran to get water and helped him wash his eyes.

 The dust from the fireworks could have seriously hurt Jin’s eyes, leading to unpredictable consequences. Fortunately, Jungkook got Jin timely first aid and avoided severe danger.  Then the maknae also got a water bottle for Jin to drink, seeing the two members taking care of each other made fans extremely touched.

 BTS is famous for good teamwork. The members are close like siblings. Just looking at Jungkook’s quick reaction when seeing Jin getting hurt because of fireworks is enough to understand how much they care about each other.  Not only that, BTS’s maknae’s response also shows that he deserves the title of “idol with golden personality” when he never hesitates to help everyone around him.

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