Jin and Jungkook (BTS) filmed an advertisement, but they thought that filming Kingsman, the two world’s most handsome male idols, became a hot topic

Just a promotional clip, do Jin and Jungkook need to be as cool and beautiful as acting in a movie

Recently, the two global male idols Jin and Jungkook (BTS) have caused ARMYs to “drop their hearts” because the promotional video is too satisfying. It’s just filming a commercial but anyone who doesn’t know will think that the two guys are filming Kingsman. The reason is that both of them look extremely masculine and charming in suits. Fan can not “hold their hearts” when admiring the pictures of the two top handsome idols in the world, Jin and Jungkook. Not only continuously knocked down ARMYs’ hearts, but the 2 idols also performed more sophisticated dance moves, exalting both their charisma, beauty and explosive temperament.

Jin makes fans “fainted” with visuals like a movie actor. The handsome member of BTS has never disappointed fans with his perfect beauty.
The jaw is clear, the nose bridge is attractive and Jin’s charming lips are clearly visible in the close-zoom movie. Jin’s beauty is indeed as beautiful as the picture
One more beauty treasure of BTS also makes fans excited. The world’s top handsome Jungkook has a charming smile, a handsome face, and romantic hair
Jungkook is also very handsome and manly. The male idol, who was born in 1997, is handsome, cold and elegant like a prince coming out of a fairy tale. From his face to his figure is unbelievably perfect, Jungkook is one of the top malevisuals.
The photos and videos of them made ARMYs excited. This is just a promotional film of 2 male idols who are popular worldwide, not shortcuts of the movie Kingsman
Only doing the choreography, but the 2 BTS members seem to be fighting fiercely
With this elegant, shiny and dashing image, Jin and Jungkook look as handsome as movie stars. The two idols standing in the same frame are truly a top visual “party” for fans

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