Jimin smiled when Mina left AOA, netizens are curious about Mina’s reaction when Jimin left

Jimin announced to have left AOA in the midst of the shocking bullying scandal

According to the latest information from FNC Entertainment, Jimin is announced to have left AOA following the 10-year bullying scandal which is shocking the Korean public. The female idol and rapper said she would halt all activities for the time being.

“This is FNC Entertainment. 

First of all, we apologize for causing concerns to many people regarding the recent controversy surrounding our artist Jimin. Jimin has decided to leave AOA and the entertainment industry. 

We are deeply sorry and will manage our artists better in the future. Once again, we apologize for causing concerns.”

Currently, the public is paying attention to every move and information on both AOA former members: Jimin – Mina. Before this, Mina also made the public extremely worried when she exposed that Jimin used to bring men to the dorm and uncovered the true faces of the other members of AOA. She also confirmed this was her last post before leaving.

Recently, netizens continued to “dig” details proving Jimin’s cold attitude towards her former groupmate. It was on May 13, when the media reported FNC Ent’s announcement of Mina’s departure, Jimin posted on Instagram with a cheerful attitude. The public has only noticed now and are extremely indignant at the indifferent attitude of Jimin and also curious about Mina’s next reaction.

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