Jimin is invited to popular American singing show by judge and Pussycat Dolls leader

Nicole Scherzinger – leader of the famous group Pussycat Dolls is currently a judge on “The Masked Singer”. This is the American version of the well-known Korean singing competition show, where contestants hide their identities behind masks. In the broadcast of the 5th anniversary celebration of “The Masked Singer”, when asked which Korean stars she wanted to invite to this show, Nicole Scherzinger did not hesitate to answer that it was Jimin (BTS).

Earlier, when BTS was promoting the US version of this singing show in Season 1, the program’s founder said, “When we released The Masked Singer Season 1, BTS promoted it on Twitter and YouTube, so the show has received a lot of love.” Jimin is also listed amonh 10 celebrities that should appear in the new season of “The Masked Singer” alongside famous American artists like John Travolta, Ashley Tisdale, Jamie Lynn Spears and Bradley Cooper.

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