Jimin (BTS) joined the high-value donation club, donated more than 100 million won for children worldwide

Jimin (BTS) has become an example for society with his steady good deeds. He recently joined a high-value donor club this year.

In a telephone conversation with Dispatch on Oct 13th, the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation said,Jimin (BTS) is now a part of the Green Noble Club this year.” Green Noble Club is a group of high-value donors from the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation. It consists of sponsors who donate more than 100 million won at once and cumulatively or agree to donate 100 million won within five years.

Jimin (BTS)
Jimin (BTS)

Starting with Song Il-guk in 2017, Max Chang-min in 2018, BTS J-Hope in 2019, and Kim Yoo-jung in 2020 have joined the Green Noble Club. In addition to Jimin (BTS), Chung Ha, Kim So-yeon and Lee Sang-woo couple, streamer Yangfang, and YouTuber Heopop were also on the list this year. So far, the cumulative stipulation amount of Green Noble Club has reached about 56.4 billion won.

Jimin (BTS)
J-hope (BTS)
Jimin (BTS)

Lee Je-hoon, chairman of the Green Umbrella Child Fund, said, “The era in which our right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing has passed. Many people are cheering for the new days in which we will create values together.”

Then, he added, “We will do our best to convey the will of the Green Noble Club sponsor, who has made a great decision to our children.”

Jimin (BTS)

This is not the first time that Jimin (BTS) has spread his good influence. In July, he donated 100 million to the fundraising campaign for polio vaccines. In August last year, he also delivered a scholarship fund of 100 million won to the Jeonnam Future Education Foundation. In February this year, 1,200 desks were replaced for all students at his alma mater, Busan High School of Arts, thanks to his donation. Moreover, he also supported his juniors’ school uniform expenses.

In 2019, 100 million won were donated to the Busan Office of Education for low-income students. As a result, Jimin’s fans have also been continuing to spread his good deeds with donations and volunteer works.

Meanwhile, BTS will hold their online concert “BTS Permission To Dance On Stage” on October 24 and today, October 13 is also Jimin’s 27th birthday.

Source: Dispatch

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